Cliché Photos Married Couples Have

For some married couples, their cell phone's Instagram/Facebook feed serves as a highlight reel of their relationship. A steady stream of countless moments that come together to tell a love story: … [Read more...]

Habits That Make for an Unhappy Mom

Everyone says happiness is a choice. As someone with a history of depression I often find that concept slightly difficult to digest. How can something so complex as happiness come down to one … [Read more...]

Thankful That I Didn’t Have a Black Son

When I was 19 and pregnant I remember praying, “Dear God please let me have a boy.” For weeks I only looked at baby boy things and had picked out a boy name. I was convinced that raising a son … [Read more...]

My Husband Is Not Responsible for my Happiness

"When you aren't depending on your husband to fill you up, then he can make mistakes and you are still okay. He can say the wrong thing and you can forgive him quickly. He can struggle and question … [Read more...]

I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

It's been said that the secret to a lasting marriage is to marry your best friend. As for my husband? He's my most reliable friend. He's my funniest friend. He's my most loyal friend. He's … [Read more...]

Dating Advice + Some News

I'm so very excited to be joining Your Tango as a contributor! Be sure to click through and the end of this intro to read the full post there. Thank you for your continued support … [Read more...]