How Children are Like Mirrors

The memory is a vivid one: my toddler yelling, “No Stella. Go home Stella,” as the dog circles her high chair. “Stella just wanted to say hello to you,” I tell her. “Okay,” she … [Read more...]

“Sit Here, Mommy”

This week, my littlest and I went to the park, just the two of us. We've been going more often and it has been fun to watch her confidence increase with each visit. Throughout our time there, she … [Read more...]

Signs You Live with a Toddler

Although there are telltale signs that your little one has made the transition from babyhood to toddlerhood; there are also some clear indicators that you’ve made the transition to parenting a … [Read more...]


It happened. My sweet yet fiery baby girl turned into a toddler. The transition gradual, although in hindsight instantaneous. And despite my proclamations that she is and forever will be my baby I … [Read more...]

Best Friends

My two daughters are eight years apart. Just two years shy of a decade. A decade. And I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Once upon a time I dreamed of the day when I would grow up and … [Read more...]

Why Life with a Big and a Little is the Best

During my pregnancy with my littlest I discovered this strange phenomenon. While most people were genuinely excited for me there were a handful of people who actually felt slightly sorry for me. Not … [Read more...]

A Love That Is Always There

This past weekend, my husband took the girls and I to the park to ride the merry-go-round. At just $2.00 a ride, it was a fun and budget-friendly treat. It was an older carousel with a rich history, … [Read more...]

12 Ways I Want to Be More Like my Baby

Everyday my children inspire me to be better. They embody many characteristics that I want to have. Some of them are characteristics that seem to have waned in my journey through adulthood. Others not … [Read more...]

Tips for Navigating Mornings and Bedtime with Siblings with a Big Age Gap

Being the mother of a big kid and a little kid has been an incredible experience. After having spent so long as a mother of one, learning that I would soon have another precious hand to hold was a … [Read more...]

Letter to my daughters // 28

My Dearest Lola Bee, These past few weeks have been bittersweet. My return to work is closer than ever before. This month, your mama is returning to work, and you are starting “school.” My eyes … [Read more...]