#RealMamaLife: Breastfeeding on the Fly

*I started this post last week and am just finishing it up today. Now that's #realmamalife :) Over the past few months I have fallen in love with nursing my baby. I love feeling close to her … [Read more...]

#RealMamaLife: A Little Bit Scary A Little Bit Not

This weekend we went to Venice Beach. It was a nice escape from the crazy hot temperatures we have been having in the valley. We walked around and 5 minutes in I wondered if I made a mistake by … [Read more...]

#RealMamaLife: One Step At a Time

{Sister Toes} I am the kind of person who will try to do 10 things at once instead of starting one task and seeing it through to the end before I start another. You would think that by now I would … [Read more...]

#RealMamaLife: I’m Not Failing

{photo from last week: Me working while my baby sleeps, both of us in our pajamas (it was the afternoon)} Life has changed so much since our family grew by two (oh so cute) feet. I always talk about … [Read more...]