A Few Questions Worth Asking Before the Next Playdate

As a little girl I spent many school day afternoons and summer days at my friends' houses. We had slumber parties and beach trips, and so many of my greatest childhood memories take place in their … [Read more...]

(Some of) The Worst Things That can Happen to You as a Parent

You know those things that happen to us as parents that sting a little and, in the moment might feel pretty awful/annoying/frustrating but in retrospect perhaps aren't so bad? I'm sharing some of … [Read more...]

The Tough Question Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

How will you be remembered? It’s a question that is often at the forefront of my mind these days. See, it occurred to me recently that I’m doing more than just living — I’m creating a … [Read more...]

What No One Tells You About Parenting a Tween

Everyone is quick to offer pearls of wisdom for the baby years, and words of sympathy when that baby seemingly overnight turns into a teen … but no one really talks about what happens right before. … [Read more...]


Just for today I will let my children climb into bed and I will watch the sunrise as I kiss their foreheads telling them how much I love them. Even if it means breakfast crumbs in the car. Even if it … [Read more...]

Memories over Merchandise: What Downsizing Taught Me

About a month ago my family and I moved from an almost 1400 square foot house to a 900 square foot apartment. When we talked about the difference in square feet I kept telling my husband and myself it … [Read more...]

Recreating the Magic

Ever so often we are presented with a chance to recreate magic. This month I was given the opportunity to do that. Our family traveled to the Magic Kingdom in celebration of Lola’s second … [Read more...]

A Love That Is Always There

This past weekend, my husband took the girls and I to the park to ride the merry-go-round. At just $2.00 a ride, it was a fun and budget-friendly treat. It was an older carousel with a rich history, … [Read more...]

12 Ways I Want to Be More Like my Baby

Everyday my children inspire me to be better. They embody many characteristics that I want to have. Some of them are characteristics that seem to have waned in my journey through adulthood. Others not … [Read more...]

Tips for Navigating Mornings and Bedtime with Siblings with a Big Age Gap

Being the mother of a big kid and a little kid has been an incredible experience. After having spent so long as a mother of one, learning that I would soon have another precious hand to hold was a … [Read more...]