“Sit Here, Mommy”

This week, my littlest and I went to the park, just the two of us. We've been going more often and it has been fun to watch her confidence increase with each visit. Throughout our time there, she … [Read more...]

12 Ways I Want to Be More Like my Baby

Everyday my children inspire me to be better. They embody many characteristics that I want to have. Some of them are characteristics that seem to have waned in my journey through adulthood. Others not … [Read more...]

How Motherhood Made Me Bloom

“Bloom Where You’re Planted” ~ Mary Engelbreit Right now I find myself planted in the midst of a challenging time in life determined not to become stagnant, to wither in the midst of adversity. … [Read more...]

10 Things I’m Giving Myself Permission to Do This Decade

Growing up, March was for the most part, a magical month. I felt excitement and anticipation often counting how many times I would have to go to sleep and wake up before it was my birthday. My mother … [Read more...]

Millennials and Mental Health + Some Links

Hello lovelies! Summer is almost over but not quite yet. It's boiling outside and we are doing our best to stay cool. Hope you are too. I am popping in to share something very special that I am … [Read more...]

On Second Children and Making Room

When I met my first born I was certain that was it. There was no way I could love as much as I did at that moment. Motherhood changed the very essence of who I was causing me to love without ceasing, … [Read more...]

#RealMamaLife: I’m Not Failing

{photo from last week: Me working while my baby sleeps, both of us in our pajamas (it was the afternoon)} Life has changed so much since our family grew by two (oh so cute) feet. I always talk about … [Read more...]