I’m Sorry I Offended You

Dear new mom, I'm sorry it annoyed you when I looked at your children and told you to enjoy every minute because they grow up so fast. I wasn't there when your baby had a diaper blowout the one … [Read more...]

On Staying Married for the Kids

“Don’t stay married for the kids.” I’ve heard those words from countless men and women who somehow found themselves on the other side of marriage — divorced, and whether out of a desire … [Read more...]

My Husband Is Not Responsible for my Happiness

"When you aren't depending on your husband to fill you up, then he can make mistakes and you are still okay. He can say the wrong thing and you can forgive him quickly. He can struggle and question … [Read more...]

I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

It's been said that the secret to a lasting marriage is to marry your best friend. As for my husband? He's my most reliable friend. He's my funniest friend. He's my most loyal friend. He's … [Read more...]

On Dating Myself and Why It’s Good for My Marriage

I am a bit of a loner. I always have been. Sure, I have friends, but I find a great deal comfort in solitude. Perhaps it stems from my personal struggles with rejection and love of the quiet. When … [Read more...]

What Every Married Person Should Know About Their Spouse

There are days when my husband surprises me. I will discover something about him that I didn’t know. A food he loves, a song that makes his face light up or a dream he might have for our family. But … [Read more...]

The Most Difficult Year of Marriage

Before my husband and I got married numerous people told me that the first two years of marriage were the hardest. If we could get through the first two then we would be good. Our first two years were … [Read more...]

When Love Trumps DNA

Recently I shared Bible verses intended to encourage couples in their marriage. Many of the verses focused on love with one of them identifying the various things that define love. It is my belief … [Read more...]

Millennials and Mental Health + Some Links

Hello lovelies! Summer is almost over but not quite yet. It's boiling outside and we are doing our best to stay cool. Hope you are too. I am popping in to share something very special that I am … [Read more...]

Hello {From the Weekend}

Good evening lovelies! Lola has been teething so our nights and been especially tough this week. My poor babe has finally fallen asleep for a bit so I am popping in to say hello and share my latest … [Read more...]