{Hers} Pinterest Challenge. Mission Complete.

Ah yes the Pinterest challenge.  By now you have probably heard about it, but just in case you haven't you can learn more about it here, here, here, and here.  Last week I made the decision to … [Read more...]

{Hers} Pinterest Challenge

Tuesday evening the Little Miss spent some time expanding her art collection by painting the most beautiful water colors paintings.  Each time she finished painting a picture she would bring it to me … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} The Mr.’s Experience

This was a great opportunity being able to get our living designed by a talented professional, being on TV was also fun. This experience really brought our family together a little more. Our living … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} In Her words – cliffs note edition

After that long post I wrote for yesterday I figured perhaps I should stick to giving you the cliffs notes this go around. Wish me luck... I honestly could write an entire post devoted to how … [Read more...]

{Hers} I’m up for a challenge…I think.

This morning I read about a challenge on Emily's blog, it sounded like the kick in the rear gentle push in the right direction I needed to get going on some of the little projects we have around … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} How we got to be on SFAS. A novel by His Mrs.

Do these happy people look familiar?!  {A beautifully styled room and a big TV were sure to make us smile.}  That's us - the Briscoes after seeing our living room designed by the amazing Emily  … [Read more...]

{Theirs} Happy Monday!

This weekend, aside from hunting for fairies, something very exciting happened...our episode of Secrets From  A Stylist aired on HGTV!  {Us with Emily} We'll be back to share more about our … [Read more...]

{Theirs} This weekend…

{weekend socks} ... the Little Miss and I are going on a fairy hunt with a very special guest - Nana!  Afterward we are going to enjoy a picnic in the park.  This will be our very first fairy … [Read more...]

{Theirs} Secrets From A Stylist Update

I've got some exciting news for you this Wednesday evening! Many of you have been asking when our episode of Secret's From A Stylist airs.  It's coming!  For those of you who don't know Chris, … [Read more...]

{His and Hers} Closet

Litterally...His closet and Her closet.  With the exception of our amazing living room which was designed by Emily Henderson (yes you read that right! Emily Henderson of HGTV's Secrets From A … [Read more...]