Thankful for the Two Hands That Hold Her Tiny Ones

I am thankful for the two hands that hold Lola up as she stands upright, taking in the world around her. They are the hands that sat beside her sister coloring when she was small; the hands that drove … [Read more...]

To My Daughters’ First Love

Over a year ago I was driving our daughter to school. It was during that time that she revealed to me that she had a crush. My heart stopped as I clenched the steering wheel and I attempted to keep … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day + Something to Think About

  … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Things That I Have Made

I have made some beautiful things in the 29 years that I have been fortunate enough to walk the planet. My mother still has some of the art I made her as a little girl, forever in her eyes beautiful. … [Read more...]

An Easter Basket Surprise

The night before last I was sitting talking to my husband about a recent trip to a Target with our girls, a friend of ours and her daughters. I told him how she had asked for a One Direction book and … [Read more...]

“…small things with great love”

“…small things with great love.” That is part of a quote by Mother Theresa. Those words came to mind after my daughter was on the receiving end of what might seem like small things done with … [Read more...]

Letter to my daughters // 18

My dearest daughters, I remember the very first time I saw your hearts beat. My eyes fixated on an ultrasound screen as I held my breath waiting. You were tiny, but your heartbeats were there. I … [Read more...]

Hello {From the Weekend}

The weekend isn't over just yet but this photo represents what was for me, the best part: On Saturday in celebration of National Day of Service my friend and I took our littles to a Senior … [Read more...]

I Too Have a Dream

With the day in which our country has selected to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday just days away, I find myself taking a little more time to reflect on him, his legacy, and of course … [Read more...]

25 Parenting Resolutions for 2013

Something about the change from December to January fills my heart with emotions — such anticipation and excitement! But at the same time, a part of me feels slightly anxious over the uncertainty … [Read more...]