Crazy Things Parents Do in the Name of Love (and Holiday Cheer!)

'Tis the season of magic and wonder, reverence and celebration. It's also the season when we parents get our crazy on all in the name of love and holiday cheer. While it's fair to say we do crazy … [Read more...]

The BEST Gift You Can Give Your Kids

"Do you remember when?" These words make their way to our table at dinner time, in the car and into the covers during bedtime cuddles. Lately they have meant so much, mostly because they are strung … [Read more...]

#DeliveringJoy: It Isn’t Too Late

This holiday season my family and I went out and delivered joy! Needless to say it was one of the greatest things we have done (EVER!). I am writing to share what we did and to tell you that it isn't … [Read more...]

What We’re Up to + Some Links

This weekend my family and I were busy #deliveringjoy! I've been participating in a blog campaign for the Honda¬†Odyssey (I totally want a minivan now too btw. Seriously!) and the timing couldn't have … [Read more...]

Merry {Day After} Christmas!

Hi lovelies it's been awhile and while I'd love to stay I've got lots to do before my date tonight and by lots I mean playing with some of fun things our littles got for Christmas this year! I haven't … [Read more...]

Hello {From the Weekend}

Happy Weekend Lovelies! Last night we went for a drive down Candy Cane Lane and there it was - a replica of my favorite ride at Disneyland: {It's a Small World} The photo isn't all that great … [Read more...]

{hers} All I want for Christmas

The Little Miss has been singing a song lately a song I remember singing myself when I was her age... We'll see if she gets her request. Front tooth #2 is on its way down! xo. The Mrs. … [Read more...]