Sometimes I Don’t Feel Grateful

As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I have a confession. At times I struggle with gratitude. Sometimes despite knowing that I have so much to be grateful for, despite wholeheartedly declaring my … [Read more...]

On Staying Married for the Kids

“Don’t stay married for the kids.” I’ve heard those words from countless men and women who somehow found themselves on the other side of marriage — divorced, and whether out of a desire … [Read more...]

For the Tough Times in Your Marriage

When it’s right marriage can be a beautiful thing. But that doesn’t mean it’s challenge free. Even those that seem the happiest encounter their share of problems. It’s all the more reason to … [Read more...]

More of This

This. It's moments like this my heart longs for. They are the moments when I feel at peace. They are the moments when for a small amount of time the world no longer feels scary or unsafe. All is … [Read more...]

Plates Don’t Matter As Much As Happy Kids

I have struggled to do one of the few things in life I have found great passion in. I have struggled to write. At least here anyway. On Sunday I wrote about the #fillthecup campaign. It was one of the … [Read more...]

Being Held

When my children are hurting or sad I hold them and just love on them. I allow my arms to be their safe haven, a place where they can find comfort. This morning as I made my way back to bed after … [Read more...]

Chased By Challenges

Today it was put on my heart to encourage your heart and help my heart in the process. Lately I've been feeling like each of my blessings is chased by a challenge. Each time something exciting … [Read more...]