What We’re Up to + Some Links

This weekend my family and I were busy #deliveringjoy! I've been participating in a blog campaign for the Honda Odyssey (I totally want a minivan now too btw. Seriously!) and the timing couldn't have … [Read more...]

When Love Trumps DNA

Recently I shared Bible verses intended to encourage couples in their marriage. Many of the verses focused on love with one of them identifying the various things that define love. It is my belief … [Read more...]

Millennials and Mental Health + Some Links

Hello lovelies! Summer is almost over but not quite yet. It's boiling outside and we are doing our best to stay cool. Hope you are too. I am popping in to share something very special that I am … [Read more...]

Hello {From the Weekend}

This weekend we went to the most #epicplaydate ever (details to come). But the weekend isn't over just yet. Today we are headed for church and later to a birthday celebration. In between that I'm … [Read more...]

Is Being Your Child’s Parent the Best Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Imagine that being  your daddy was the best thing your father ever did. To hear that would be music to the ears of so many of our nation’s daughters. The little ones and those of us who have grown … [Read more...]

The Huxtables Have Been Replaced

*This post first appeared on Black and Married with Kids and it resulted in quite a discussion on the BMWK Facebook page. This was simply my response to a study I had read about. Mr. and Mrs. … [Read more...]

My Leap of Faith: An Update

Hi lovelies. Today I am delighted to share some news with you. I have recently joined the Black and Married With Kids family as an editor. I am honored that Ronnie and Lamar saw something in me and … [Read more...]