Just Like Her Daddy

This morning had the potential to be like any other Monday morning only it wasn’t.  Early this morning our daughter made her way to our room as she does every morning; climbed into bed and … [Read more...]

{Hers} A Bedtime Song

"Can we sing it?"  "Sure.  Ok.  Let’s sing it." “Your turn…”  “My turn…”  “Ok.  Now together.” She chuckles as I pull her closer so that her head rests on my shoulder.  … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} B is for ….

....Briscoe! This Friday the adoption was finalized.  The Little Miss' wish came true and she is now officially a Briscoe just like her daddy.  She couldn't be happier and neither could we as we now … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} Back to School

Tonight the Little Miss asked if she could put her school supplies in her backpack.  School doesn't start tomorrow.  It starts Monday but that's just how excited she is to start school use her new … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} A Wish Come True

This month it's going to be official. Over the past few months our family has been going through the adoption process.  For those of you who don't know our story,  being a single parent when my Mr. … [Read more...]