Hello {From The Weekend}

This weekend we are celebrating the 3rd birthday of our crazy pup Stella and spending time with family and friends (in our costumes of course :). {pupcake} Here are my posts for Babble this … [Read more...]

This Week

I went missing this week, I know. This week we said see you later to my Grammy as she headed back up North. It is still so hard not having her here with us but we know it's for the better. We also … [Read more...]

1 Week

Yesterday I celebrated one week with Babble. It has been an amazing few days and I could not be more grateful for such a wonderful opportunity. My colleagues have been welcoming, kind and supportive … [Read more...]

Some Exciting News

I am happy to share with you all some very exciting news. Starting today I will be blogging for Babble's Strollerderby blog! I am so grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to this new … [Read more...]

Date Night

The weekend before this past weekend the Mr and I had the luxury of going on a date. It had been awhile since the two of us went out unless you count the Sunday after the baby shower. That particular … [Read more...]

{Hers} Happy Monday + Tis the season for compromising

Well almost anyway. This weekend allotted for a substantial amount of time for me to ponder.  In between nose blowing, daytime naps and my inability to sleep during the night because I couldn't … [Read more...]