I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

It's been said that the secret to a lasting marriage is to marry your best friend. As for my husband? He's my most reliable friend. He's my funniest friend. He's my most loyal friend. He's … [Read more...]

Dating Advice + Some News

I'm so very excited to be joining Your Tango as a contributor! Be sure to click through and the end of this intro to read the full post there. Thank you for your continued support … [Read more...]

Marriage Brings Out the Worst in Me (but that’s not all)

My husband brings out the best in me but that’s only half of the story … he also brings out the worst in me. He brings out the parts of me that I am embarrassed to say are there. The parts that … [Read more...]

How Blogging About My Marriage Made It Stronger

Not long ago, I discovered that social media prenups were a thing. In the past, I’ve written about my disdain for prenuptial agreements and while I can’t say I agree with the idea of a social … [Read more...]

How Motherhood Prepared me for Marriage

Photo by Visionaries Media  I met my husband when my daughter was just a year old and several years later we got married. Since that day I’ve felt compelled to be the best wife (and mother) I can … [Read more...]

On Leaping and Loving

Have you heard about Babble's Reinvention 2014 Series? I first saw it last month and was so excited, moved and inspired by what I saw. February's theme is "Leap" and this month I have had the honor of … [Read more...]

That Time We Were on a Talk Show

I forgot how cruel individuals can be on the internet (I'm lookin at you Facebook and Twitter). I forgot because I stopped reading the comments on my blog posts that are featured on Yahoo. The world … [Read more...]

What I Wrote In January

January is almost over but before we say goodbye I wanted to share some of what I've written this month (some of them may have been previously shared some of them not as they were just published … [Read more...]

On Dating Myself and Why It’s Good for My Marriage

I am a bit of a loner. I always have been. Sure, I have friends, but I find a great deal comfort in solitude. Perhaps it stems from my personal struggles with rejection and love of the quiet. When … [Read more...]

Divorce Runs in My Family

Divorce runs in my family, just like the way wide hips and large-sized feet do. It’s the “gene” I spent years hoping I didn’t have. Kind of like one my grandma passed down — a patch of … [Read more...]