Learning the True Meaning of Wealth

This post is part of Generation One Blog Tour which I am excited to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more and to join us as we tell the world how we are creating … [Read more...]

Our New Definition of Home

As I type this, boxes are sprinkled throughout the house. Some are filled with things that we are keeping, others with things that we are donating. We are in a stage of purging, and although it’s … [Read more...]

{Hers} In the Mood for Cookies

Next week the Little Miss and her Nana will be baking cookies for some sort of baking challenge at my mother's work.  For now they are on the lookout for the perfect recipe - something simple and … [Read more...]

Happy Weekend + Our first ever Giveaway!

When Megan contacted me about doing a review for Easy Canvas Prints I kind of had that feeling when you are out in the store where it looks like someone is talking to you so you answer him or her only … [Read more...]

{His} Summer Project

While the Mrs. had her projects and challenges, I had actually began and completed a project of my own.  Since the day I purchased my truck (4 yrs ago), I had  been planning to do a couple upgrades. … [Read more...]

{Hers} What I’m Reading {DIY edition}

Finally.  It's Friday and I haven't been this happy about Friday since um last Friday.  I know I said I would share what has got me so excited about August this week but Monday through … [Read more...]

{Hers} Pinterest Challenge. Mission Complete.

Ah yes the Pinterest challenge.  By now you have probably heard about it, but just in case you haven't you can learn more about it here, here, here, and here.  Last week I made the decision to … [Read more...]

{Hers} Pinterest Challenge

Tuesday evening the Little Miss spent some time expanding her art collection by painting the most beautiful water colors paintings.  Each time she finished painting a picture she would bring it to me … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} The Little Miss on Secrets From A Stylist

Sunday morning, following the big reveal, the little miss jumped out of bed and ran into the living room - "When I walk here I always look at the living room to make sure it's still … [Read more...]

{Their Journey} The Mr.’s Experience

This was a great opportunity being able to get our living designed by a talented professional, being on TV was also fun. This experience really brought our family together a little more. Our living … [Read more...]