Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas When You’re Short on Space

This weekend we celebrated 10 a little early with a hotel birthday party???? A photo posted by Krishann (@hismrshermr) on Sep 9, 2014 at 2:12pm PDT Your kid’s birthday comes around once a … [Read more...]

10 Things I’m Giving Myself Permission to Do This Decade

Growing up, March was for the most part, a magical month. I felt excitement and anticipation often counting how many times I would have to go to sleep and wake up before it was my birthday. My mother … [Read more...]

Joy in 2013

I posted this on my Instagram feed this morning and wanted to share it here too. At times this year has felt excruciatingly difficult. Other times it has been more beautiful than I could have ever … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Baby! A 1st Birthday in Photographs

Over at Disney Baby I'm finally sharing details of Lola's first birthday celebration (read about it here)! I decided I'd take a moment and share some of them here too. Be warned, this post is photo … [Read more...]

25 Questions With The Little Miss 2013 Edition

This interview took place on 9/25 at 5:15 pm. All responses are her words exactly. How old are you? 9 Who is your best friend? You (My heart burst when you said this. <3) What is … [Read more...]

Letter to my daughters // 25

Dear Jalayla Bee, On your birthday I posted an Instagram photo wishing you a happy birthday. I knew you would see it because you are always sneaking nana’s phone when she comes over. One of the … [Read more...]

Letter to my daughters // 24

Dear Lola Bee, This past Friday you turned one. One. I still find myself welling up at the thought of this new stage in your life. You’ve spent the past several weeks showing us increased … [Read more...]

My “Lola” Perfume Themed Baby Shower

I am so excited to finally be sharing photos of my baby shower (I'm even sharing the ones where my nose looks HUGE because my nose grows when I'm pregnant :) It has been months since I looked at them … [Read more...]

The Little Miss’ Crazy 8 Birthday Party

I am finally posting a few photos from the Little Miss' 8th Birthday Party:) Due to me having had the Littlest Miss a month before and not being sure how much party planning I could handle we opted … [Read more...]

The Littlest Miss’ Birth Announcement

I knew all along that I wanted to do something different for our Littlest Miss' birth announcement so when I came across something that I thought would be just perfect and the Mr. and I were actually … [Read more...]