Hello lovelies and handsomes! When the Mr. (Chris) and I (Krishann) got married we encountered our share of challenges but we also knew that life had never been sweeter than when the two of us, along with our Little Miss, became a family. Later our Littlest Miss arrived and just when we thought this was as good as it could get, life became even sweeter. This blog is the space where I share a small snippet of our life’s story and some of the things we love. Our hope is to inspire and encourage you as well as create something that hopefully our children can one day look back on and smile. Thank you for joining me as I write about our journey as Mr. and Mrs., Little and Littlest.


Chris and I are complete opposites. And that was reiterated for us here. Yet in many ways, the ways that matter the most to us, we are the same. We both have big hearts and love our family more than anything. We also love each other. In 2004 I was given one of God’s greatest gifts. My daughter Jalayla. Having her changed my life in so many ways and it changed it for the better. From the moment I knew of her and started dreaming for two I learned to dream bigger and love harder. My daughter has been there to witness my dreams come true thanks to prayer, faith and a lot of hard work and in her eyes my accomplishments were hers too. And they were.

In 2006 I met Chris, also a gift, and again life changed. For the better. Only this time two lives changed my life and my daughter’s. After a couple breakups and makeups (unbeknownst to the Little Miss) Chris and I made the decision that life was better together and in 2010 the 3 of us said “I do” and became one another’s forever and always. A year later the Mr. adopted the Little Miss further establishing (on paper) what we had already known to be true in our hearts – “Chris, you are the father!”

Mr., Mrs., & Little Miss

One day while Chris was away on a trip I presented him with the idea of us sharing a blog. His response – “What are we going to write about? Our journey?” Ummm. “Yes!” I excitedly replied and immediately started thinking of names once we hung up the phone. Here at His Mrs. Her Mr. you can find us blogging (typos and all) about our journey as individuals and as a family (that’ll be mostly me).

Surprisingly I am ok with spilling my guts; mostly because my hope is to encourage and inspire other mamas out there. I believe that we “get through” things so that we might in turn be able to help others do the same. And believe it or not we’ve all got baggage. Sure I might have little extra but my luggage does not define me! We will also be sharing some of the things we love be it cupcakes, celebrations or a song. Yes, a song. I married an RnB singer. Music is a part of him. He was the member of Boys II Men that you didn’t see because he wasn’t old enough to tour (I’m joking but he did do some time in the church choir back in the day). For now, the Mr. mostly blogs about music (mostly the kind the person in the car next to you in annoyingly blaring so loud your car vibrates. Unless of course you’re that person. ) and occasionally spills a little bit of his guts. These days he’s busy with school showing our Little Miss that you are never to old to reach for your dreams. I am sure he wouldn’t have used those words but that’s what he’s doing and we couldn’t be more proud.

We are an example that the word family doesn’t have to be defined by genetics or d.n.a instead it can be defined by the love and commitment shared by two, or in our case 3 people. Everyone has a story His Mrs. Her Mr. is the place where we share a portion of ours. Just like most families we have had our share of growing pains and sometimes one of us is simply just being a pain (that’s usually not me by the way) but we have made it our goal to find joy in the journey. No matter what. So that one day we can look back and know that we did just show up everyday. We lived! We realize that life is precious and each day we get to experience together it is a gift.

We are excited to have you join us for our journey. We hope that you will visit us often and please do say hello. We’d love to know that you are here. The best stories are the ones that can be shared. We thank you for opening your hearts to ours.

Be Blessed!

The Mr., Mrs. and Little Miss

p.s. The shorter version:

Mr. meets Ms. who happens to have a Little Miss of her own (yup! In this love story the Ms. came with a bonus!). They fall in love. Breakup. Makeup. Breakup. And Makeup again before ultimately deciding that 3 is in fact better than 1…or 2 and that life is sweeter together. They get a dog, buy a house, get married and joyfully continue their journey as His Mrs. and Her Mr.