17 Times You Thought About Quitting (the BEST job)

Even your best gig has its downsides; for me that gig is motherhood. It’s funny to think that my dream job presents me with moments that have me convinced I’m just not cut out for this.

There are times when I am sure these sweet children of mine are trying to break me, when the phrase “They’re just being kids” is not enough to soothe my weary soul. These are the days when going in to work sounds rather appealing, a solo Target trip would be a dream come true and texts to my husband asking what time he will be home (when I already know) are necessary.

In the end it’s always love and pixie dust again. But before that, there’s the brief moment when I am convinced I just can’t mom today. Here are 17 times that might have you contemplating giving notice.

See the full list of 17 Times You Thought About Quitting Motherhood at mom.me.

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