What I’ve Gained Since Becoming a Mother

Motherhood has given me so much. I’m not the first mama to say that, and as cliché as it sounds, I won’t be the last.

Sure, I’ve lost countless hours of sleep and the ability to fit into my favorite (pre-baby No. 2) jeans, but the losses pale in comparison to the gains, which for the most part, have been just so good. It’s in the gains that I’ve grown and changed as a person and I truly believe I’m better for it (a little rounder too, but hey, that comes with motherhood too).

1. Weight

There were the pregnancy pounds and then all those extra calories I needed to consume due to breastfeeding, and then there’s my current inability to resist a cupcake. I’m still working on carving out more time for myself as I strive to make exercise stick as part of my routine. At the same time, although I have gained weight, I’ve become much more mindful of the food I consume and what my family is eating. We still have some work to do, but we’ve changed the way we grocery shop and how, what and where we eat when we are away from home. (Remember, small steps are still steps).

2. More discipline

Motherhood made me more disciplined. I became more focused and driven and worked tirelessly to me able to give my daughter and me a shot. In wanting the world for her I began to want more for myself. Now, as a wife and mother of two I’m thankful for the extra push I received from motherhood and the opportunities I’ve been able to experience because I’m willing to do the work it takes to make my dreams a reality. Even now when I want to quit or feel like “I just can’t,” I look at my kids and find the will to keep moving.

3. A different perspective

Motherhood gave me a new set of lenses to see the world. I’m not just looking at things on the surface and I quickly learned that it isn’t always about me. I’m more mindful of how my choices impact those around me and make more of an effort to try and see things from the perspective of others. Motherhood has also helped me to be more introspective. Children are like mirrors and will show you the best and worst parts of yourself.

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