12 Things I Love Now That I’m all Grown Up

As a child there are several things that I wholeheartedly believed were the worst ever. They were a threat to my right to a fun and exciting childhood—a childhood that was free of structure and where food items from the tip top of the food pyramid were plentiful.Now as a parent I can’t help but laugh when I hear my own children groaning at the same things I once grumbled over. Perhaps even funnier is the fact that many of the things I disliked as a child became things I actually liked in adulthood (with the exception of one I was rather into come the teen years, sorry mom). And I can’t help but think that this will likely be the case for them, too. The day will come when they’d give anything to take a nap, just wait.Here are 12 things I totally did a 180 with now that I’m a mom.1. “It’s time to go home”

As a kid, fewer phrases were more painful to hear than “time to go home.” This meant the party/play date/my life was over. While being granted “just five more minutes” often softened the blow, it sucked to have to go home before being ready. But now? I can’t wait to get back home and into my pajamas.

2. The opposite sex

I went through the stage where I thought all boys were gross and I vowed to never like them. Fortunately for my husband I came around long before we met.

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