What Every Mom Needs No Matter How Old Her Kids Are

There are certain things we mamas need, or at the very least should have, no matter what season of life we are in. They’re things that take us from pregnancy and into the teen years, things that I imagine we’ll still need when the nest is empty and beyond.

1. Me-time

So many of us struggle to make me-time a priority, but when we do we aren’t the only ones to benefit.

2. A go-to recipe

We have that one recipe we can count on, the one we execute with ease and always taste delicious.

3. A go-to ready-made item

It’s the item you can always pick up at the last minute and is just right for times when you forget about the potluck or just don’t want to cook.

4. Confidence

So many of us struggle with confidence, but goodness, it’s a game-changer.

5. A pick up where you left off best friend

This friend feels like home. No matter how much time passes and how much you both change, your connection is constant. Each time you talk it as if you’ve never missed a beat.

6. A dress fit for every occasion

This dress can take you from corporate meetings to holiday parties all with the addition of a classic cardigan or something sparkly.

Find out what else we mamas need, whether we are pregnant or preparing for an empty nest — and beyond, at mom.me.

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