Disneyland: 12 Reasons I Say Don’t Wait Until Your Kids are Older

HisMrsHerMr Disneyland with littles5

Over the years I’ve read, listened to and participated in many conversations about whether or not taking a little one to Disneyland is worth it or if it is better to just wait until they’re older. Will they remember it? What if it’s a huge pain? My take: don’t wait!

When my oldest turned 2 we made our way to the happiest place on earth. While things didn’t go exactly as I hoped—turns out she was afraid of adult-sized Minnie despite being dressed just like her (goodbye perfect photo opp)—we had the best time. It was on that day that I learned that there is nothing quite like witnessing the magic of Disneyland through your child’s eyes.

Now, when I bring her sister, my 3-year-old, I get to experience that pure excitement all over again. She thinks everything is real (even the characters in the rides), sings along during the shows and parades and is so easy to please (churros for lunch, anyone?).

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to take your toddler or threenager to Disneyland.

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