How You and Your Threenager Are Basically the Same Person

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Do you ever have moments where it seems as though you and your threenager are living parallel lives? It’s kind of funny to look at the similarities you share beyond eye color or other physical characteristics and various personality traits. At times it’s hard not to laugh at those similarities; other times it’s hard not to cry.

Most often when we see ourselves in our children it helps us to be more patient, empathetic even. Obviously if we’re still coming unglued ourselves we can’t expect them to always hold it together, right? Here are a few ways you and your threenager may be just alike.

1. You can pretty much fall asleep anywhere—riding home, while watching a movie or even during your favorite television show.

Funny to think that once upon a time you pulled all-nighters in the name of your college education.

2. Also, you tend to get a little cranky when overly tired.

3. You are known to get hangry (hungry + angry).

All the reason to keep snacks in your purse for yourself too rather than just your little one.


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