Small Victories for Today’s Parents

Sometimes life presents us with moments that rock our parenting world even if in reality they aren’t that big of a deal. These are the moments when we find ourselves saying “yes” quietly or aloud, convinced that we’ve finally got this parenting gig down—or at least it isn’t as hard as we thought. I’m sharing a few of them and sending you a virtual high five because mamas (and papas) we’ve got this!

1. You make it out of the store without having to apologize to anyone for any embarrassing questions from your curious kiddo.

2. You managed to move your sleeping little one from the car to the house without waking them up.

3. You were the first one to sign up for the classroom potluck, which means you aren’t bringing a main dish.

Read the full list — 29 Small Victories for Today’s Parents over at

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