Are You Instagram-Obsessed Too?

I have this soft spot for Instagram. It’s my favorite form of social media. And from what I gather I’m not the only mama who is an Instagram enthusiast.

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While I haven’t garnered a huge following and my photos aren’t swoon-worthy to the masses, Instagram has become my Internet sweet spot. It has allowed me to chronicle pieces of my family’s journey and has impacted my life in countless other ways, too (I’m @hismrshermr come say hi). There have been times when I’ve wanted to quit the Internet but I just can’t let go of IG, at least not yet—maybe not ever.

If any of these things have happened since you’ve started using Instagram know that you are not alone. Because #truestory.

1. You’ve gotten a bit more creative with your kid’s lunches. Thanks to those cool lunch boxes you found on IG. #rockthatlunch

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