19 Things Toddlers Love That Parents Loathe


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One of the fun things about life with a toddler is getting the chance to see your kid discover their interests. Of course you knew they’d love sugar and obsess over the contents of your purse and insist on wearing that Mickey Mouse shirt every day, but toddlerhood is when they become really passionate (read: demand, cry over, throw tantrums) about the things they love. Problem is, some of those things aren’t exactly our favorites.

1. Doing their own stunts

How many times has your heart stopped today?

2. Balloons

Balloons are magical, a celebration on a string and at times a disaster waiting to happen. Kids love the free balloon many stores give out, but with free balloons come much responsibility for us parents. In order to avoid an epic toddler meltdown, we are charged with the impossible task of making sure the balloon survives, even though so many terrible things can (and will) happen to it.

3. Mornings

Mornings definitely aren’t my strong suit but my toddler seems to like them.

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