Unreasonable Requests I Make, According to My Kids

HisMrsHerMr Unreasonable RequestsSometimes I have the nerve to ask my kids to do things that they just can’t do. At least not right now.

By the sixth or seventh time I’ve asked them, things begin to look more promising. I, on the other-hand, begin to look more frazzled.

There are a few things that I find myself regularly asking of my children, ages 2 and 10. Meeting some of my requests comes naturally while others require much more discipline. Although some of these demands may result in an occasional eye roll or a flash flood of toddler tears, often they are understood or at the very least attempted. Typically the requests that require the most discipline fall into the (totally) unreasonable category, which means they’re probably (totally) reasonable in my opinion.

Things like:

1. Pick one thing

When given the permission to pick out one thing at the store and said store is Target, I realize that I’ve pretty much set myself up here (thank you “Dollar Spot”). I mean, when is the last time you walked out of Target with one thing?

2. Don’t scream at/lick/poke/bite your sister

Toddlers show their love in the most unconventional ways. Fortunately for us, the hugs and kisses outweigh the urge to pull, tug and (insert annoying thing little siblings do) your big sister.

3. Please stop asking me over and over. I already told you.

These kids are trying to break me.

4. Do not touch anything

Remember that saying, “Look with your eyes, not with your hands”? Toddler hands are made for looking. It is impossible for my littlest to not touch something, especially at a store that insists on keeping Chapstick, crackers, ponies, trading cards, pocket tissues, bubble gum and other items that resemble the contents of the crevices of your kid’s car seat within their reach.

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