A Few Questions Worth Asking Before the Next Playdate

As a little girl I spent many school day afternoons and summer days at my friends’ houses. We had slumber parties and beach trips, and so many of my greatest childhood memories take place in their backyards and living rooms. I also vividly remember the phone and face-to-face conversations that often took place before the very first visit. On my end it often included my mom (or grandmother) meeting one or both parents, exchanging info and verifying there would be adult supervision. And that was it.

No questions about guns or vaccines or what kind of food they would be serving. Not like now.

I can count on one hand how many times my oldest daughter has been over to a friend’s house without me there. I feel exceptionally thankful for her preschool friends. Some of my closest friends are their parents, and we do our best to get together for them and us. So most often when she is with her friends, I am close by.

But my daughter has gone to the occasional birthday party or outing without me, and unless she’s with one of my best friends, I find myself anxiously awaiting pick up time.

Several months ago I happened to catch the remaining segment of a show my mother had been watching. In it, the show’s hosts touched upon questions that parents should be asking other parents. These questions stuck with me and later I Googled them in an effort to learn more.

The world is just so scary, I thought as I read over these topics. Mostly because some of these are questions that never even occurred to me to ask my own friends (and even family), let alone the parents of new friends. While some topics might come up in regular talking, a lot of things likely won’t.

As parents, we tend to worry a lot about what happens outside of the home, and if you’re on top of your game (or a worrier or cautious parent) you do your due diligence as best you can with regards to the people in your home and those your child frequents. So what happens when the people are really great but their life choices aren’t in line with your own families?

Here’s what you should ask before you send your sweet child off for an afternoon of fun with their BFF…

Read 7 Questions Worth Asking Before the Next Playdate at mom.me.

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