Signs Your Daughter Is a Daddy’s Girl

HisMrsHerMr daddys girlI can vaguely recall a time when my girls were crazy about me. They wanted to be by my side constantly; their eyes would grow wide each time they saw me. But then one day I stopped nursing and apparently lost some of my sparkle.

My husband, however, the consistent one that he is, just kept right on being awesome. Despite the girls growing older when it comes to airplane rides and tickle fests and pancakes (yes, he flips them both, ages 2 and 10, like pancakes) it’s as though he’s never missed a beat.

It would seem my daughters have never missed a beat either, not when it comes to checking me on all things related to their dear dad. At times it can be slightly annoying, but most of the time I find myself thankful. My parents divorced when I was small, which meant my days weren’t filled with my dad in the way it is for my girls. And as a former single, I saw my husband fill a void in only a way a daddy can. But that doesn’t mean I don’t grin during those moments when I hear my tween say “I want mommy to take me” or my toddler asking “where’s mommy?” when she wakes up in the morning.

They love me but there’s no denying the fact that they’re both daddy’s girls. Here are 23 signs that prove I’ve got daddy’s girls on my hands:

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