Why We Often Put Our Dreams on Hold

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During a virtual conversation with a friend, she shared with me her belief that I was capable of more than I realized. Essentially I should dream big because I can achieve big things.

It must have been obvious that self doubt had crept in along the way, causing me to feel less capable, qualified and able to do the thing I had once thought I was meant to do: write. She didn’t know it, but her words shined a light on a place within that had grown dark. And with each keystroke the light grew brighter.

Several months ago I walked away from blogging entirely after excitedly leaping toward it just a couple of years prior. I wanted to embrace what I believed was my new truth, one in which writing wasn’t a part of who I am but rather who I was.

I struggled to do the dance that so many of us who blog do—a delicate dance in which we share and strive to be true to our own stories while trying to honor and be thoughtful of those who touch our lives. I wasn’t sure if I would be gone for a short time or forever. I just knew it was what I needed to do then.

But the light continued to grow brighter, not long after the needs of my family changed. So here I am, slowly but surely, dancing again.

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  1. Nice to read you again! (Pssst… The link doesn’t work – on my computer, at least.)