Lessons Learned During An Unplanned Pregnancy


An unplanned pregnancy can be scary. And not every pregnancy results in the decision to raise your baby or even birth your baby. I understand that. But this post isn’t geared toward those individuals. This one is for the mother who lies awake at night wondering if she can do this because she really wants to. It’s for the 19 year old who conceals her growing belly because the fear of judgement is greater than her fear of being a mother. It’s for the newlywed struggling just to pay the bills, the college student who wonders if she is going to have to give up on her dreams and for woman who is navigating this journey on her own.

This is for those who, in-spite of the realization that the road ahead will be filled with challenges and uncertainty (isn’t that life for everyone?), want to give motherhood everything that they’ve got.

Yes abstinence and contraception and the obstacles that come with raising a child are all very important conversations to have. But this isn’t that conversation. This post is for the woman whose baby is already growing inside her belly. The one who could use some encouragement because she didn’t make a mistake, she made a baby.

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