Habits That Make for an Unhappy Mom

HisMrsHerMr happinessEveryone says happiness is a choice. As someone with a history of depression I often find that concept slightly difficult to digest. How can something so complex as happiness come down to one decision: a decision to be or not to be? For me, it’s easier to think of happiness as the outcome of a series of small choices, the result of how we choose to respond to life’s questions and handle the dilemmas we’re presented with. It’s the decision to honor your mental health needs whether that’s therapy, medication (or a combination of therapy and medication), a bowl of ice cream or an afternoon “Parenthood” marathon on Netflix.
It’s saying “no” to a few things so you have the wherewithal to say “yes” to the important ones. It’s self-care and pursuing your passions. It’s understanding that your dreams are worthy of dreaming but realizing that it’s okay if they change. Because you’ll change. I’m not always the warm bubbly person I appear to be. Sometimes I’m antisocial and irritable and impatient. Some days I wonder if happiness is meant for others and not for me. But in those moments I realize that I’m looking outward for fulfillment when I need to look within and up. As I’ve grown I’ve realized that there are things that I do or have done in the past that hinder(ed) me in my journey. Things that can make it feel tedious and tiresome rather than the gift that it should be.

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