HisMrsHerMr just for today

Just for today I will let my children climb into bed and I will watch the sunrise as I kiss their foreheads telling them how much I love them. Even if it means breakfast crumbs in the car. Even if it means resisting the urge to turn into a drill sergeant telling them to hurry up. Crumbs and a mad dash out the door are a small price to pay for a few moments spent with my babies nestled in my arms.

Just for today I’ll wear the stretchy sateen pants I have. Because they feel good and comfortable and I won’t worry about the fact that I wore them yesterday.

Just for today I’ll wear mascara and maybe a little lip gloss and I’ll wear my favorite sweater  — my good sweater. Or maybe I’ll wear a dress because my husband loves when I show a little leg. I will relish in the fact that I have a little more pep in my step a confidence that graces my face when I take the time to groom myself rather than just my children.

Just for today I will step back just enough to give my children a little more room to spread their wings. I will trust them so that they might learn to trust themselves.

Just for today I will resist the urge to complain about what’s going wrong and focus on what is going right.

Sharing my hope (just) for today over at Babble.

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