Breastfeeding the Second Time Around #ChocolateMilk

CH-bannerThis month, in celebration of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I had the honor of participating in the #chocolatemilk campaign. If you haven’t been following along I encourage you to take a look. Whether you breastfeed, bottlefeed or do both the stories will touch, inspire and encourage you. Thank you Heather for allowing me to be a part of this. Cheers to #chocolatemilk and to motherhood!

Dear Diary,

When I had my oldest daughter, I was just 20- years-old. I was terrified at the journey I was embarking upon–unchartered waters that from a statistical standpoint we were not likely to make it through without drowning. And yet in her eyes, I found strength, courage and the ability to keep my head above the waves.

One of our early battles was breastfeeding. It was such a struggle. But I wanted to prove that young moms breastfeed too.

Everyone around me told me that I didn’t have to try. And yet the slogan breast is best was enough to help me come to the decision that I would.

The first days and weeks were painful. A blur of lactation consultants, breastfeeding workshops, lanolin cream and tears caught by the boppy pillow I used to prop my sweet baby up. Eventually, we found our way. I never gave up, only occasionally supplementing with formula. I struggled with feeling uncomfortable in public settings. My nursing cover was unable to shield me from the looks I got as a young mom who looked even younger than what she really was. Around the 8th month, we came up for air. She stopped nursing and started using a sippy cup.

Years later, these memories flooded my mind when I found out I was pregnant. Are you going to breastfeed? Friends and doctors alike wanted to know. My plan was that I would try, but that I wouldn’t pressure myself. But in the end I did. We spent a few days in the hospital after I had given birth to my second daughter.

She was sleeping more than nursing. Nurses were trying to get her to latch on and in the moments of quiet would plead with my baby girl to please please nurse.

In my late 20s, I found myself more confident in my ability to mother my child. I had realized that this moment was just a mere stop in our journey. I knew that the day would come when I would long for this time. That achy engorged breasts would subside but so would the middle of the night cuddles and the feeling you feel when you’re newborn gazes into your eyes as you nurse her. But, the bond that I felt with my baby –that would last a lifetime.

The first time around I didn’t love nursing but I held on and decided to keep trying.

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