10 Things I’m Giving Myself Permission to Do This Decade

Growing up, March was for the most part, a magical month. I felt excitement and anticipation often counting how many times I would have to go to sleep and wake up before it was my birthday. My mother always made my birthdays special whether it was a big celebration with family and friends where streamers abounded or a small celebration complete with sparkly confetti, noise blowers and party hats.

But as I grew older birthdays began to lose some of their sparkle. Although I was thankful for them I struggled with the fact that I was getting older. Sure, becoming an “early mama” forced me to grow up rather quickly but I came to love my young mom status and eventually after finding my tribe — a group of moms in college raising their little ones just like me and years later, an amazing community via the internet, I realized that I was anything but alone in this.

As 30 approaches I’ve decided that the best thing I can do for myself is embrace it. Why resist what’s inevitable?

I’ve decided to open my eyes and my heart to the magic that will come with this new chapter in my life. I’ve decided to believe. I’m wiser than I ever was, and while I’ve still got a ways to go, I’m more confident in whom I am, lingering post pregnancy baby weight and all. And it is my belief that I will become even more confident in whom I am as a mother, a wife and a woman over the next decade (and beyond).



So in celebration of the next chapter in my story, I’m sharing 10 things I’m giving myself permission to do in my 30s over at Disney Baby.

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