Our Thanksgiving


For the past week Lola has been sick with a cold. It has slowly made its way through our house resulting in all four of us being sick by the time Thanksgiving arrived. The fact that we were all under the weather was disheartening. We spent the majority of the day piled in the bed listening to music, cuddling (hey we were all sick anyway) watching cartoons, and blowing our noses. As the afternoon rolled around we forced ourselves to get up and go to my mother in law’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

Initially Lola was irritable. She wasn’t feeling well and seeing so many people (all of them eager to see her) seemed to be a little much for her. But despite being a little slow to warm up, she did and was back to being her busy bee self.

Earlier that day I read various text messages and Facebook, Instagram and blog posts from friends, a few of them under the weather also. My favorite words were those written by Andrea, words written on her blog. She had shared the various things that they had yet to accomplish in preparation for Thanksgiving. And yet none of that seemed to really phase her all that much because she knew what they did have – each other. They had what mattered.

“…we will be together. And we will count our blessings. And when we are done counting we will start all over again, not wanting to forget a thing.”

As I traveled through the reminder of the day I hung onto those words. They were again reiterated in a text message from a friend who sent me feel better wishes as well as a declaration that we should be basking in all that we have. She was right.

As I struggled to breathe through my stuffed nose and my oldest laid her stuffy head on my shoulder we watched as Lola, nose running and all waddled across the floor. Everyone was so excited to see her latest milestone and eager to know what was happening in her world.

I watched as she and her big sister were showered with hugs and kisses. As doting hands reached for tissues to wipe a baby sized nose and pat a big kid’s back. And as curious minds inquired about Christmas wish lists. Everyone knew we were sick and yet no one cared (at least it wasn’t obvious:). Inside I was basking – in all that I had and all that I have.

Nobody really wants to be sick. It’s the reason we contemplated staying home (in addition to feeling pretty awful). But love overrides colds, and runny noses and the fact that I felt too awful to bake pumpkin bread. Love makes it easy to see the things that matter and let go of the things that don’t.

Love claps and squeals as babies waddle across the room and jump to help them up if they topple. Love cradles them close, shares their macaroni and cheese and cleans runny noses.

So while our Thanksgiving wasn’t ideal it was still quite special. It was a reminder of how blessed we are. We were sick but we were not alone. We were welcomed. We were loved. And we were together.

When we are well and back to ourselves, in the midst of counting our blessings, perhaps we will reflect on the Thanksgiving when we were all sick. Maybe we will smile over the fact that as terrible as our colds were they were not enough to keep us from having a Happy Thanksgiving. For it is the chance to make memories with our children — as a family that puts the Happy in our Thanksgiving.

Baby’s second Thanksgiving was a happy Thanksgiving after all. Even happier than the first.

 HisMrsHerMr-ThanksgivingCongestion and runny noses all around. Love too!

 Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one.

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  1. Sometimes we look forward to something:a concert, a party, a holiday and then a little gets sick. It happens to us alllll the time. It may be disappointing that we don’t get to have as much fun as was planned but it makes us realize the important things, family and well being. I hope you all feel better soon.

    • Maria, I know you can relate :) I remember not long ago you all were sick. Thanks for the positivity. You are right, it does help you focus more on the important things.

  2. Thank you, my dear. I am so glad that my words were able to offer you comfort in some way. I needed the reminder just as much as anyone– to just stand still and be blessed. I’m happy you got to bask in all that love. And I hope you’re feeling better soon. xoxo
    Andrea (book-scout) recently posted..Happy ThanksgivingMy Profile

    • You’re welcome and thank you! I love how beautifully you phrase things. Such wisdom in your words — “to just stand still and be blessed.” Yes. Exactly that. xo

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope you’re feeling better. Xoxoxo

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