Why I’m Thankful for the Gift of Companionship

18 Reasons I’m Thankful for the Gift of Companionship His Mrs. Her Mr.While I strive to come from a place of gratitude beyond November, in recent weeks I’ve been making even more of an effort not just to have it but also to express it. And in my expression of gratitude, particularly with regards to my husband, I’m looking at the various things that my husband does a bit more carefully. I have come to see that it is the little things that he does that make the biggest impact on me, the things that he doesn’t necessarily have to do but does in an effort to please me. And while I may forget in the heat of the moment as laundry spills out from an already full basket, or when he forgets the one thing I wanted from the grocery store, at the end of the day I know that my husband wants nothing more than the best for me. He genuinely wants me to be happy and is willing to do what he can to contribute to my happiness. Of course I understand that it’s not his responsibility but even so, I am quite grateful for the little (and BIG!) things my husband does each day. Most of all, I am grateful for his presence in my life. Here are 18 reasons I am grateful for the gift of companionship.

Find out 18 reasons why I’m thankful for the gift of companionship over at Babble.

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  1. I love this! As a wife and mother I need to be more forthcoming with my gratitude and love. Thanks for the advice!

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