Happy Birthday Baby! A 1st Birthday in Photographs

Over at Disney Baby I’m finally sharing details of Lola’s first birthday celebration (read about it here)! I decided I’d take a moment and share some of them here too. Be warned, this post is photo heavy (The first few photos are from a photo session that took place before the party.)!


HisMrsHerMr_MG_0517  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0592  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0365_1HisMrsHerMr_MG_0298 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0287  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0173 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0251 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0033

 And now for the party — A 1st Birthday Concert in the Park!


HisMrsHerMr_MG_0021HisMrsHerMr_MG_0009HisMrsHerMr_MG_0007  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0083 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0081 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0074 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0070 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0069 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0059 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0031 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0122  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0111 _MG_0092 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0086 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0194 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0192 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0180 _MG_0177 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0174 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0169 _MG_0164 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0159 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0157 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0153 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0141  _MG_0235 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0220 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0295 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0294 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0267 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0400 _MG_0388 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0331  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0482 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0457HisMrsHerMr birthday Collage  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0687HisMrsHerMr_MG_0651  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0648 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0627 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0600 _MG_0591

_MG_0657 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0664 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0577  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0548     HisMrsHerMr_MG_0745 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0736 _MG_0717  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0980

_MG_0768 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0777 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0794 _MG_0792 HisMrsHerMr_MG_0821 _MG_0828 _MG_0833


HisMrsHerMr_MG_0841  HisMrsHerMr_MG_0888

Feeling especially grateful for all the love showered upon my baby on this day. Even more grateful that these are people that will continue to love her as she continues to grow.

Vendor Information

Photography: Rakeem Cunningham
Lace romper and flower headband: Izzy’s Attic (Also pictured here.)
Knot now headband: A Little Lady Shop
Party Hat and headbands on me and big sister: Little Blue Olive
Blouse and bloomers: Swallows Return
Gold moccasins: Freshly Picked
Favorite things poster and concert flyer: Moulage Collection
Invite: Paperless Post
Cake pops: Just a Bite Creations
Cakes: Delicious Bakery
Guest book: If I Could Keep You Little

(Did I leave anything out? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to provide you with the info!)

A very special thank you for the lovely ladies behind Moulage Collection, Swallows Return and Little Blue Olive. Each of them were so wonderful to work with and ensured that everything arrived in time for the festivities. They were so kind, gracious and made purchasing from their shops something I was especially happy to do and wouldn’t hesitate to do again. Their items were crafted beautifully and the perfect addition to the party! I am very grateful to each of them :).



p.s. Some thoughts on celebrations and finding beauty in the details.

p.p.s. I know things are quiet around here but you can still follow along with me and my family over on Instagram. xo

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  1. Love the cutie pie in the pictures. She is simply adorable. Seems to enjoy her first verjaardagsfeestje (birthday party) with her whole heart on all the things around her. Lola, wish you a happy birthday baby and for all the years to come. The cake is too tempting to resist. A beautiful arrangement done for the tiny tot! Great efforts by both of you and gifting Lola a memorable birthday!


  1. […] Photo by Rakeem Cunnigham. See more of his work here. […]