A Hint of Sweetness {from our weekend}

Although the weekend is upon us, I wanted to share some photos from the one that recently passed. Despite being a long weekend it somehow managed to fly by. One of my favorite parts about it was Friday. The Mr. was off from work and while we got a late start to our day we managed to make it down to Ventura pier for some tacos and a bit of fun in the sand. My girls swung on the swings and the littlest giggled as the breeze hit her chubby cheeks and my little giggled as she raced the tide trying to avoid the cold water that covered her toes. There’s something about the beach that soothes my spirit. Calmness overtakes me and my heart feels happy. Perhaps it is because I was born in a beach city, my father always had a love for the ocean. I can’t swim but I can sit, dream and inhale all that surrounds me.

What I think I will remember most about this day; however, was Lola’s response to the sand. I had a fantasy of what it would be like when she put her toes into the sand for the first time. I pictured her grin as the tide swept across her toes. As the Mr. lowered her into the sand she lifted her feet, her little body dangling in his arms. She did not want her feet to touch the ground. And when they did she cried and cried. We made several attempts before deciding that today would not be the day she fell in love with the ocean. Even when I took her to the water, and does she ever adore the water, she seemed unsure, tightly holding on to my shirt. Just like her dad, I thought to myself (the guy at the beach with tennis shoes on. True story.)

Some photos from our day:

While not quite the way I imagined it would be it was still the perfect afternoon leaving me with just enough sweetness.

p.s. A new way to swing:


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