Our Merry Weekend

On Saturday we went on a date — the Mr., the Little Miss and I. We had such a great time hanging out just the three of us. We all missed our Littlest but it was fun getting to hang out like the old days :) Even so, the highlight to our weekend was our Sunday ride on the merry-go-round (carousel) at Griffith Park. It was the Littlest Miss’ first carousel ride and for the Little Miss it was a chance to see one of the many things that make Los Angeles such a great place to grow up. Here are some photos and a short video from our afternoon:

Ok, so maybe I was the most excited of the four of us ^^

The churros were the best I’ve had in a long time.

So good I had to share :)

(A Note from the Mrs.: Per usual, I contemplated posting the pictures that I am in but in the end decided the reasons for not posting weren’t as good as my reasons for posting. At one point I only liked to share photos here that I felt I looked “pretty” in. As I have shared before this year I decided I wanted to make more of a point be in photos with my kids. While I’m working on getting my sexy back, my children aren’t going to care whether ot not their mama had her hair and eyebrows did, a mani or a pedi or whether or not I was rocking old vintage clothing. Despite the fact that I am still carrying around pregnancy weight (and yeah I ate a churro!) and sporting what my husband refers to as a “fuzzy bun” I am glad that I made it a point to say cheese with my babies. One thing for me that has been reiterated in the #realmamalife linkups is that my moments with my children are beautiful and worthy of capturing regardless of how I look or the house looks. This is real life and in real life sometimes mama looks fancy and sometimes mama looks frumpy but the thing that, for me, stands out the most in these photos are the smiles on all of our faces.)

May your week be merry lovelies.

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  1. You are all just the cutest family ever. Glad it was a nice weekend! :)

  2. Your video of Jalayla made me dizzy but I do love her smile! You’re always picture perfect amiga!!! Post all your pictures! Out of all the million times we took Khalil to Griffith Park and now JJ, we’ve never been to the carousel. We stick to the pony rides and travel town. Maybe I can convince them next time. I bet those teeth made eating that churro easier for Lola.

    Ps I’m loving the new look!

    • Krishann says:

      Ha!! It was a fast merry-go-round my friend. But thank you! You have to tell us next time you go. We didn’t do pony riding or travel town and haven’t yet. Also the teeth would have helped if she knew what to do with it. She just sucked on it :)