My “Lola” Perfume Themed Baby Shower

I am so excited to finally be sharing photos of my baby shower (I’m even sharing the ones where my nose looks HUGE because my nose grows when I’m pregnant :) It has been months since I looked at them (and promised to share them here) and I have to say scrolling through the photos was a little emotional for me. I look at my Lola and can’t believe she was in my belly almost a year ago. For those of you who followed along with me here know pregnancy was no easy feat. After giving birth and holding her in my arms I felt such a sense of relief. All the worry that consumed me the entire pregnancy went away. We had made it.

Lola’s baby shower was one of the highlights of my pregnancy, that and all of the belly love by oldest daughter sent our way daily. I remember praying I wouldn’t encounter any dizzy spells that day and that I would be able to keep down all of the delicious food I knew I was in store for. I just wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to soak up all the love and positive thoughts that were surrounding my baby bump, me and Lola’s big sister. And I did. We did. My mother and some of my closest friends were open to letting me give some of my input for the special day and I had a lot of fun crafting and thinking of special little details. I have always loved party planning.

Once I made it through the first trimester I felt more comfortable getting excited about all things baby. While working on a party in the past I saw a darling perfume themed baby shower. It was an ode to Chanel No. 2 fragrance. It had always stood out in my mind and I went back to it for inspiration when asked what I had in mind for my baby shower. Since Lola was going to be my second baby I loved it. But then one day while laying in bed feeling both nauseous and depleted, I glanced over to my dresser. Sitting on it was a bottle of Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume and Philosophy Grace perfume. I took a photo on my camera phone and sent it to my husband and later it somehow came up in a conversation with a dear friend. She thought it was perfect and with that the idea of a Lola themed baby shower was born. You can read more about the details of the shower over at Disney Baby.

His Mrs Her Mr Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume theme baby shower

Thank you to Tim and everyone at Sweetharts for ensuring everything worked out beautifully. You all were amazing and so kind.

If you are in the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles area and want to get your celebration on they are a fun and lovely place to host an intimate and event and the best part – they’ve got (lots of) sweets!

Thank you to the staff at A Sweet Design for ensuring our cupcakes were not only picture perfect but tasted delicious as well.

Thank you again to my beautiful mother and friends and to everyone who made this day special not just for me but for the little miss and the Mr. too. I will always cherish each of you and the memories you have given me. Thank you for loving my sweet Lola from the start.

And thank you dear friend for taking a moment to scroll through all of these photos. I wish I could share them all but I hope these do the beautiful day my loved ones planned for us justice :) More details on my Lola perfume themed baby shower over at Disney Baby.



Photos by my talented (patient!) cousin Rakeem Cunnigham

Venue: Sweetharts in Sherman Oaks, CA

Boysenberry Cupcakes: A Sweet Design, Granada Hills, CA

Sandwiches: Portos Bakery

Perfume: Lola and Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs

Wish Cards by ErinsArtwork via Etsy

Nail Polish Favors: Essie

Candy: Candy Warehouse

Maternity Dress by Asos

The Little Miss’ Dress by Truly Me

Metallic Baby Shoes: Stewart Weitzman


p.s. Perfume inspired baby names.

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  1. This is seriously SO perfect Krishann and you look stunning pregnant! So glad you shared these – truly the most unique shower I’ve seen in a long time!

  2. Holy cow! You, your shower, and these photos are just STUNNING!

    • Krishann says:

      Thank you Jackie!! :) That means a lot coming from a talented photographer like you!