Our Summer Wish List

Today marks the first day of summer! Over at Disney Baby I’m sharing my wish list for Lola’s first full summer! Last year she made her debut during the latter part of the season and was too little to embark on any local adventures. This summer she’ll be a busy bee!

Although it requires a tad more preparation and occasionally a few extra pit stops or nursing sessions on the fly, spending the day out and about as a family of four has come to be one of our favorite things to do. We don’t have any plans to do any major traveling this summer but we love a great local adventure and also want to take time out to enjoy the wonders of summer like watermelon, ice cream cones and those longer days and nights that are the perfect temperature for playing outdoors. Here’s our list:

1. Have Lola dedicated
2. Go on an early morning hike
3. Take a train ride
4. Visit a museum
5. Go to the zoo
6. Visit the aquarium
7. Start and/or finish a book
8. Eat popsicles
9. Have a bonfire
10. Eat s’mores
11. Family Beach day
12.  Ride a carousel
13. Dine under the stars
14. Go on a picnic (or a few)
15. Have a water fight
16. Go ride the ferris wheel at the pier
18. Eat lots of watermelon
19. Attend the County Fair
20. Eat an ice cream cone
21. Visit a theme park
22. Eat shrimp tacos
23. Make red velvet pancakes for the 4th of July
24. Attend a concert in the park or go listen to live music outdoors
25. Eat frozen yogurt (of course)
26. Share some shaved ice
27. Eat at a restaurant that none of us has been to
28. Go on a grown-up date
29. Visit the tide-pools
30. Celebrate Lola’s 1st birthday
31. Celebrate our third wedding anniversary (holla!)
32. Visit the Farmers Market
33. Blow Bubbles
34. Visit the Botanical Gardens
35. Go to the library
36. Grill an entire meal
37. More cuddles (of course!)

And that’s our (long) list! Of course we might modify it a bit but it seems like a good start. Anything you hope to do with your loved ones this summer? See my summer wish list for Lola over at Disney baby.


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