#RealMamaLife: A Little Bit Scary A Little Bit Not

This weekend we went to Venice Beach. It was a nice escape from the crazy hot temperatures we have been having in the valley. We walked around and 5 minutes in I wondered if I made a mistake by obliging my daughter’s request to go to Venice. See one of the things that I love about Venice is that nobody cares. You can be silly, or crazy, or just plain weird and no one cares because they are too busy dancing to the beat of their own drum. However, the problem is there were (and always are) some people who seemed to not care at all which resulted in some teachable moments and some “what was I thinking” moments. I mean, how did I not realize there was a Freak Show?! I missed the memo on that one. And I felt bad because my 8 year old said she had fun but some of it scared her. I know the feeling.

That night I prayed that her dreams wouldn’t be muddled by images of the scary things she saw and instead she would focus on the things that made her eyes grow wide with excitement and wonder, and also on the bread pudding that we almost missed out on because her mom couldn’t figure out what the GPS on the iPhone was doing.

And this:

Not the “Green Doctors” or all the other words that we read on cardboard signs and t-shirts. But this:

And me, I will relax (not entirely but a little) because at the end of the day she was fine and she learned that many things in life are a mixture of the lovely and the less lovely. Some things are amazing and also out of this world in both a good way and a not quite as good way. Some things (and places) can be fun and exciting and at the same time a little bit scary (Raising a child is beautiful and fun and amazing but at times it can be scary). It is a lesson we learn time and time again as we embark on new and unfamiliar experiences.

But for now I’m grateful that her daddy and I get to hold her hand and help her navigate and sort it all out. And I hope and pray that we can prepare her for a time when she will no longer always be able to reach up and grab my hand at the sight of the unfamiliar.

Still kicking myself about the whole Freak Show part though (would have took an alternate route and bypassed that part). But I’m high fiving myself about that bread pudding :)

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