Hello {From the Weekend}

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This weekend our Littlest Miss turned 6 months! It was only fitting that we sing Happy Half Birthday. If you’re on vine you can see six seconds of cuteness as her big sister sings it to her. Also there’s this video of big sister playing the piano for little sister and Stella. It is crazy to think that we are halfway to one. Halfway. How does this happen so fast? In the list of things I keep trying to wrap my head around, all the while knowing I will never understand, these days, this tops the list. Our babies grow so fast. So fast. We find ourselves so grateful for each and every moment of time we get with them and at the same time are somewhat heartbroken (at least I am) that time, as precious as it is,  can’t manage to slow down just a little so that we can hold onto every ounce of sweetness to be had in the moments that make up childhood.

As I spend the rest of my weekend in denial I wanted to share a couple of posts that I have read over the past few days. They were so touching and wonderful to read. So to the authors of the following posts I say I LOVE YOUR WORDS. It is no secret that I love words — beautiful ones, funny ones, insightful ones. I love words (I am hoping to start a series titled “I love your words” what do you think? If I shared some of the words that I so love here on internet would you read them?).

  • I adored this post by Maggie May Ethridge of Flux Capacitor  on co-sleeping. Adored it. I have recently started reading Maggie’s words over the past of couple months and love how beautifully she writes. Her words come alive and you can feel them. I felt these.
  • This post by Nat of Nat the Fat Rat was something I stumbled upon while reading Maggie’s blog. It’s a beautiful reminder to live in even the smallest of moments. It inspired me to be even more present while nursing my sweet girl. I know the day will come all to fast in which that is no longer something shared between the two of us.

In other exciting news my letter to my daughters for Babble was featured on The Huffington Post! And as a result, I am adding a check to one more item on my “Life List” and doing happy dance. Again. I’ve looked at it several times since it was first posted just to see if it is still there to assure myself that yes, that happened. Girlfriend you are not dreaming. You can read it here.

I also was honored to have my words on Early Mama. Michelle is one of my favorite writers and such an inspiration. I can’t thank her enough for finding what I had to say worthy of sharing with her wonderful readers. I am sharing a little on my journey to becoming a freelance writer and encouraging those who want to do the same to just keep at it.

And without further ado here are some of my latest (and not-so-latest) posts from Babble:

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You can find all my Babble posts here.

There you have it, plenty of reading to take you into the work week and to keep you busy should you experience any insomnia this evening after trying to settle down from all of the excitement from the Oscars. Happy rest of the weekend lovelies! xo

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