My Cup Runs Over So Now I Will FILL A CUP

For the past few days I have been sick with a cold and then Friday after learning about the tragic loss of lives in Newtown, Connecticut I became heart sick. I have no answers to all the “why” questions that present themselves for this kind of thing. I have ideas but my ideas provide me no solace, no peace. The only thing that can even come close to comforting my aching heart is my faith in God.

Last week one of my favorite writers and agents of change, Alex, reached out to me regarding the “Fill a Cup” project by the World Food Program (WFP). In case you are not familiar with them, the WFP is “world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger.” You can read a little about the WFP on a post I did for The Conscious Perspective earlier this year or on their website. My heart strings were tugged upon and my already broken heart found some solace in Alex’s words. For me, she was a reminder that people, most people, are good. And after reading her e-mail I knew that I wanted to join her. I wanted to fill a cup.

The Fill a Cup program feeds bellies and dreams for children in developing countries.

{Image via WFP’s Facebook}

 When I learned of this program my mind immediately went to a Bible verse from the 23rd Psalm:

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.

My cup runs over.

This weekend I have spent extra time holding my children in my arms, watching them sleep and telling them how much I love them. They are alive. They are here with me.

My cup runs over.

My husband and I are able to ensure that our children’s needs are met.  No one goes to bed hungry and even a growling stomach is quickly remedied with a quick trip to the kitchen.

My cup runs over.

We are blessed with the opportunity and the ability to reach for our dreams in hopes to make them a reality. Even if things don’t go exactly the way we want them to we’ve still got a chance to reach for them.

My cup runs over.

My cup runs over with food, with blessings, with love, with a chance at life and a chance to make our dreams coming true a reality.

The WFP asks you to “fill a cup, feed a dream,” in particular, a child’s dream. They provide school nutrition to children and even have a program where they send food rations home. As a result of this program many young girls, who otherwise would not, are sent to school. You can read more about that on Alex’s blog.

I can only imagine what a day in which the cup is full looks like for a child. Is it being able to go to school in the morning and the teacher’s words not be muddled by the sound of a growling stomach, having the energy to play on the play yard, to go to bed at night with a full belly and your dreams not filled with the hope that one day you will have enough to eat? Is it simply knowing that you have a chance to live, grow and perhaps one day see a time in which your cup runs over too?

We have so much in common with these children but one of the biggest things is our ability and desire to dream. The difference is many of us have the resources and the support to reach for them. If we take the time to fill a cup, even just one cup, we are helping ensure they have a chance to reach too.

So today, I am reaching out and asking you. I don’t know what your everyday looks like but for many of you if you step back and take a look at the “big picture” your cup runs over too. You are blessed. You are alive and you have a chance to feed a child and their dream. And when you’re feeding a dream you’re also feeding our world’s future.

My cup runs over and my prayer is that one day the cups of our world’s children will also.

I am joining Alex and countless others by filling a cup. Starting today my family and I are filling a cup with change. When it is full we will add up the money and send it to the WFP.

Please join us in any way you can. In addition to you, I will be sharing this with 5 other bloggers also in hopes that they will also fill a cup and pass the cup to them just as Alex has passed it to me. If you aren’t sure where to start, start with a quarter and a cup.

Just 25 cents fills a red cup with porridge, rice or beans and gives girls a monthly ration to take home.” ~ WFP

25 cents, the price of a gumball out of the machine at the grocery store and chance for our children to learn a valuable lesson in giving, and choosing to make a difference over choosing candy or stickers or temporary tattoos. A chance to invest in a life and a dream.

To learn more visit Alex’s blog and WFP’s website.  These children’s lives matter. Their dreams matter.

Be sure to follow along Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FILLTHECUP.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I say that the future also belongs to those who believe in the beauty of the dreams of others, particularly our children after all, they are our future.

May our hearts be as full as the bellies of the beautiful children’s whose lives will be made better because we saw the value in feeding them and their dreams.

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