Hello {From the Weekend}

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Last night we went for a drive down Candy Cane Lane and there it was – a replica of my favorite ride at Disneyland:

20121209-091502.jpg{It’s a Small World}

The photo isn’t all that great after all, we were in motion but each time I look at it I am reminded of the excitement the Little Miss felt as we drove down the street, her eyes lit up just as bright as the Christmas lights.


Before this weekend is officially a memory I’d like to share my latest over at Babble:

Are you thankful for your Mr. or Mrs.? Babble bloggers joined me in sharing why they were thankful for their spouses. Then a couple of my friends joined me on Instagram and shared why they were thankful using the hashtag #ThankfulForMySpouse. Won’t you join me?

I love romance and I love the magic this time of year brings which means a romantic holiday movie is a must this time of year. Need a suggestion? I’ve got 12!

Looking to add a little humor to your gift giving? I’ve rounded up 25 quirky His and Hers gifts via Etsy.

A new (cuter!) take on my favorite holiday classic.

And finally, if you are concerned about your spouse cheating there’s a hormone for that.


Here’s to a Sunday filled with blessings and sweet things (preferably chocolate or red velvet)! xo

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