Showing Our Appreciation on Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday and I cannot be more excited.  It is a day in which we all have the opportunity to come together in the spirit of giving and make a difference. Last night my daughter and I talked about Giving Tuesday and what it meant. We talked about various things people could do to give, things such as donating money or food, volunteering or simply saying thanks. We then spent some time talking about things she could do today and brainstormed this morning coming up with even more ideas such as helping a friend with a homework problem during Homework Club, helping clean up the lunch area or cleaning in her classroom, showing kindness to everyone and even going to her teacher and asking her how she can be of help. Today is a chance to also participate in acts of service; giving of your time and energy can be just as valuable as giving money.

Last night the two of us wrote letters to her school. That is what I love about giving. It is not limited by my bank account or socioeconomic status. Sometimes we think if we don’t have a lot of money to give then we can’t really do anything. I say this over and over but truly, no act of kindness is too small.  So we wrote letters giving thanks for all the staff at her school – the teachers, librarians, office personnel, aids – everyone. The Little Miss spends a huge part of her days at school and I trust them to care for and teach her. I am grateful that she is surrounded by people who genuinely have a heart for children and a heart for my child. I believe the most important job you can have is one in which you care for and teach children – our society’s most precious gifts.

An excerpt from my letter:

Today I give thanks for each of you. I thank you for having a heart for all children.  I thank you for not looking at them and judging because they are too quiet, too loud, too silly, too talkative or whatever “too” comes to mind. I thank you for realizing that every child is worthy of love and support, and that just like most of us, all they want is for someone to love them and believe in them. I thank you for showing me that I can trust you all to care for my most prized possession — my child.

And here is the written letter by the Little Miss:

{Kind of hard to write without lines, but nonetheless from the heart:)}

All in her own words and in my opinion so sweet. This morning we went and picked up some chocolates before school too because everything is better when paired with chocolate. At least we think so. We delivered them to the office and watched a beautiful face light up and say thank you as we explained that today was Giving Tuesday and in celebration of it we wanted to show our appreciation.

Tonight, per my daughter’s request she will also be picking out a charity to make a donation to. I love that she is just as excited about this as she was about making a Christmas wish list.

The day is not over. There really are so many things we can do.  My friend Heidi shares some here.  And for more information on Giving Tuesday visit their website at

Tonight over dinner if you haven’t already it is the perfect time to engage in a dialogue with your children about the importance of giving. Not only does it do wonders for the heart of the giver but you never know when you will be faced with a situation that will require you to depend on the kindness of others.

Give thanks. Give from your heart. And give someone a reason – a reason to believe that people do care, that their needs are important and that their life is of great value.


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