Today We Are Two


Hey Mr.!

Today we turn two!

This particular year of marriage presented us with some big decisions forcing us to rely on our faith and each other even more. And yet, it’s also brought with us some amazing gifts including watching my daughter become our daughter (on paper as she was yours long before then) and an unexpected pregnancy which resulted in the birth of a precious baby girl just days before our wedding anniversary.

Each day it becomes more and more clear that giving you my heart and accepting yours was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Trusting you with my child’s heart and believing in your ability to love us with your whole heart has resulted in this – our marriage and family, a union that I praise God for. Yes we get on each others nerves at times but we also love each other, believe in each other, pray for one another and are working to make this a forever thing.

As we head into our next year as Mr. and Mrs. I want you to know that if I had to go back 2 years to this day I’d still walk down the aisle. If I had to go back I would still choose you. I would still choose us.

Thank you for standing by me, for loving me, honoring our promise to God, Jalayla and each other and for giving me the greatest gift I could ever receive – being daddy to our precious girls.

I love you. I appreciate you and I’m thankful to have you by my side forever and always.

By the way is this not the best anniversary gift ever?!



Happy Anniversary Love!


Your Mrs.


p.s. Year one.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a greay time celebrating with your family :)

  2. Its such an inspiring couple both of you looks good in the photo…A big congrats on your anniversary hope everyone are enjoy to celebrate..