{Their Journey} One week

One week from today the three of us will be celebrating our very 1st wedding anniversary.  Looking back I can not believe how fast our first year as Mr. , Mrs. and Little Miss has gone by.  Our year has been filled with challenges and obstacles but we have and are continuing to overcome them together.  Our year has also been filled with such beautiful, magical and heartfelt moments that we have joyfully shared together.  I pray that when my daughter is my age and she reflects on her childhood she will have so many sweet memories to recall. I pray that when Chris and I are much older we will look back and rejoice as we think about the beautiful life we have created together.

I continuously thank God for my Mr. and my Little Miss (even on those tough days!) because each day I am blessed with the gift of life I am able to experience two of is most precious gifts – the love of a child and the love of a companion.  I am thankful that my daughter and I get to go through life not only with each other but with the man she calls daddy and the man I call my husband.  I am thankful that the three of us will always be together as we are certain that for us:


{Love this print? Emily Henderson used it to style our living room which you can see  here and read about here.  It’s by Fauxkiss.  It’s even more lovely in person and it’s available purchase it here.}


For most of us the weekend is almost over so, before it ends, be sure to make some beautiful memories with your loved ones (hopefully they’ll carry you through the work week!).  May your Sunday be filled with all things sweet.  Especially love.  Sweet love.  xo.

 p.s.  It’s almost time for our wish to come true!

p.p.s.  Last year the lovely McKay of Oatmeal Lace Designs (she made the most lovely bridesmaids clutches) featured our wedding here. Go on over and take a peak :)

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  1. pleasantandhome says:

    Happy early anniversary! Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

    • Thank you! Thank you :) Since it’s a special day for the 3 of us and we couldn’t bear to celebrate our 1st anniversary  without the Little Miss (not to mention she would not be happy with us!) we are going to Sea World! She’s been wanting to go to San Diego and Sea World for awhile now and can’t wait (and neither can we!!)!