{Their Journey} In Her words – cliffs note edition

After that long post I wrote for yesterday I figured perhaps I should stick to giving you the cliffs notes this go around. Wish me luck…

I honestly could write an entire post devoted to how wonderful Emily and the entire Secrets From A Stylist Crew was.  We were actually sad to see them go and told them they were welcome to visit us any time (and yes we meant that).  In order for them to shoot for the show we ended up having to move out of our house for several days.  We packed up and left Sunday night and returned to our 1950’s gem that Saturday. The show’s format had changed from two reveals to one which meant 5 days of being in suspense as well as one big and exciting reveal!  Monday  morning we arrived to our house for our first day of filming and were greeted by Emily and the crew.  Basically we just needed to take Emily’s lead.  They explained to us how shooting worked, gave us or mics, and assured us we had nothing to worry about.  They were also super sweet and complimented me on my makeup,  I had gotten a lesson by the amazing Julie Washington-Elliot and for the first time in my entire life learned how to do my own makeup.  We also did interviews without Emily, talking about different aspects of our living room and what changes we’d like to see occur.  That part didn’t make it on to the show but was still a lot of fun and I think kind of helped me with my nerves.  I honestly feel like I spent at least half of the day laughing.  Surprisingly I was much more comfortable on camera than I anticipated (I was more nervous to watch us on television that I was to film for it).  Don’t get me wrong now, I was nervous but I wasn’t shaking as profusely as I usually do when I am standing in front of a bunch of people. Sidenote – In school I hated presentations.  After we did the walk through of our space with Emily which didn’t take long given we didn’t have to much in there to look at we sat and talked about what we wanted for our living room we were graciously asked to leave.  Chris and I were advised to go to their studio in Venice after lunch, while the little miss spent the afternoon with her Nana, only we never ate lunch, I think mostly because I was so nervous I didn’t have an appetite.  Thankfully our stomach’s didnt growl during the diagnostic.  After; however, my appetite returned with a vengeance so we stopped and had dinner on our way to my mom’s.  During the style diagnostic Emily asked us a series of questions which helped her to diagnose our styles.  It was fun seeing the items we  picked for ourselves and each other and given the fact that Chris and I pretty much disagree on almost everything when it comes to design and fashion we were pretty amused by the fact that we agreed on the leather belt.  In fact so amused we would have been ok with it making it into our living room design.  Joking.  Well sort of.

{Paula was right.  “Opposites attract”.}

When Emily described our styles I have to admit I was impressed.  We shared with her things that we liked but not in as much detail as she described.  How did she know that I was a hopeless romantic (who had fallen for a guy who likes “plastic”) who has a thing for reflective surfaces?  After the diagnostic we said our goodbyes and went home to play the waiting game. Had Jalayla not been on spring break I would have been driving by our house every day but having no reason to go that way I resisted the urge and did the next best thing and spent countless moments daydreaming of what our living room might look like and checking twitter hoping for a sneak peak.

Then came Saturday.  I don’t think we had ever been so excited to go home. We were greeted by everyone and advised that in just a few moments Emily would be out to get us and bring us into the house.  We were encouraged to show our emotion which we knew would not be a problem.  We had already seen Emily’s work on the show and on the internet so we knew it was going to be no less than amazing.  We had also talked about the fact that no matter what she did we would be ecstatic as it was so much more than what we had.  When she came to get us Chris and I held hands, closed our eyes and walked into our house.  I remember feeling a rug under my feet as we made our way into the living room all the while, my heart beating faster and faster until  finally we were told to open them and of course this happened:

And then this:

Happy happy tears.  Ugly ugly crying face.  At that moment not only were we in shock (no way was this our house) but our hearts were overflowing with gratitude.  It was evident that some very special people poured their hearts into making our room beautiful right down to the handmaid chevron curtains.  There were so many things in that room that I had dreamed of one day having (a library card catalog, a chandelier…I could go on, a record player for Chris…) and also one thing that I never imagined could look like it was meant to be in our living room – the infamous black leather sectional.   We stood with our mouths hanging open (and me wiping my happy tears) for just a few moments, then went to sit and talk sat about all the amazingness that surrounded us and then brought Jalayla in to see.  “Where am I she asked?”  Yes she knew she was home but it didn’t look like the home she left days earlier.  She was excited about the TV , chairs, and once she realized what it was, the record player (which we had some awesome records for thanks to Orlando).  It was so sweet that she was able to be a part of a very exciting moment for our family.  She was very nervous to be in front of the camera and wasn’t her loud bubbly self despite our attempts to buy her bubbleliness (I think I may have made up a word) with an offer for a new video game (shame on us!).  Even so,  everyone was so sweet to her and sent lots of smiles and kind words her way.

We filmed the show in April of this year, one year after we became homeowners and moved into our very 1st home.  When we moved in we ended up spending a lot of money of things that needed to be done for the house as opposed to decorating it.  Our 1950’s gem was in need of a little TLC.  And when we dared to try to do some decorating we simply could not agree and always gave up or one of us gave in.   The only rooms in our house that were decorated were Jalayla’s room and bathroom.  Having our home styled for the show not only was a huge blessing for us but it showed us that it is possible to have our home styled in a way that we both love not to mention ever so often we surprise ourselves and find that we like the same thing (you know besides our daughter and each other).

Our living room is perfect for our family. Our daughter and  dog Stella are as much at home in it as we are. It is a reflection of us as a family and has helped our house to feel more like a home.

And so that’s our experience, in my words of course (cliffs note edition).  Not only did Emily and her crew leave us with an amazing room, an awesome memory (in the form of a TV show), and animal crackers, pistachios and string cheese (Jalayla thanks you), but they left quite an impression on us.  I know our living room is composed of  just “things” (pretty things lovely things)and that things don’t necessarily last forever but memories often do giving us even more to be thankful for.  Thank you Emily and the Secrets From A Stylist crew for bringing a little extra laughter and style to our lives.


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  1. awwwwww! i am so happy for you guys! this was a really amazing post! live well in the space!

    • Krishann says:

      Aww shucks… no really, thank you so much for your kind words and excellent advice. And also for reading my 1st novel :)

  2. pleasantandhome says:

    This is so cute. Your room (especially that card catalogue side table – LOVE!) and family are beautiful! I loved reading your perspective of being on the show. I’ve watched Emily since her first episode on Design Star and she’s always come across as the kind of person who could be your best friend….and just also happens to be amazingly talented. Sounds like that’s pretty true!

    • Krishann says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my perspective. I enjoyed writing it. Emily is just as wonderful in person as she comes across on television – definiently best friend material :)

  3. Thanks for your message on my blog….it was really touching and im so happy you like the print. It was created with lots of LOVE in mind. God bless you & your family, i cant wait to see the episode!!


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  2. […] this print? Emily used it to style our living room which you can see  here and read about here.  It’s by Fauxkiss and it’s even more lovely in person and you can purchase it […]

  3. […] this print? Emily used it to style our living room which you can see  here and read about here.  It’s by Fauxkiss and it’s even more lovely in person and you can purchase it […]